- our why

We create opportunities for businesses to positively impact their community.

The plan is to thrust undiscovered businesses into the social media limelight.


SMEs are the future of South Africa's economy - and the most at risk. Bootstrapped Digital provides growing businesses with the solid social media presence they need to grow. We’ve been propelled into the digital age faster than Makazole Mapimpi can run the 100m. You need a structured social media strategy to win the race.

- how we work

Why Bootstrapped Digital?

Bootstrapping means building a company from the ground up relying on the cash from the first sales. That’s what we’ve done to grow our business. We choose our clients based on their personality, vision and values - not their financials


We break industry norms by being straight-forward, honest, accountable and affordable. We work quickly, communicate effectively and deliver consistent results. We cut the sh*t.
An emerging social media marketing agency changing the game for businesses that want to grow to the next level.
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